Transformers: Deadly Trap: Book 5
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Transformers: Deadly Trap: Book 5


Transformers: Deadly Trap: Book 5 Reviews | Toppsta

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An original adventured inspired by the hit TV series! When a maximum-security prison ship crashes on earth, Cyberton's most-wanted criminals escape. Now all that stands between Earth and the deadly Decepticons is a crack team of Autobot heroes - the Robots in Disguise! Windblade has joined the Autobot heroes searching for escaped Decepticon criminals. First mission:
to climb Mount Everest on the trail of a yeti-like Decepticon, Abominus! But Abominus has booby-trapped the whole mountain, and a TV crew is in danger! Can the Autobots rescue the humans - and who will rescue them?

Transformers: Deadly Trap: Book 5 Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 5 in the Transformers Series. See all Transformers books here.

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About John Sazaklis

John Sazaklis spends half of his life working in his family coffee shop, the House of Donuts. The other half he spends drawing and writing stories. He has illustrated Spider-Man books and written Batman books, and now writes Transformers too!

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