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Baby's Bedtime Music Book


Baby's Bedtime Music Book Reviews | Toppsta

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The soothing classical tunes and beautiful illustrations in this book are a perfect way to lull little children to sleep at the end of a busy day. With five tunes to listen to and soft illustrations of nocturnal owls serenading animals to sleep, this book will have little ones fast asleep in no time.

Baby's Bedtime Music Book Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781474921206
  • Pub Date: 19th December 2016
  • Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • Format: Other
  • Number of Pages: 10

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13th February '17
I read it to racer217 aged 3 aged 3
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
5 stars
Wow this book is amazing for our bedtime book collection :)
Son loves his books and stories at bedtime.
This is going to be a big favourite for a long time to come and the noises just adds to the excitement and a great book when he so very tired to help soothe to sleep.
Will definitely buy again for a future gift for a baby or toddler because is a great book they can enjoy at bedtime :)
Thanks so very much.
13th February '17
I read it to Ibby aged 4 aged 4
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
5 stars
Love this book. Storyline, and pictures are great. The music is an amazing touch, as are all the cut outs on the pages- which makes it interactive. My son loves this!!
4th April '17
I read it to Ellielebugjnr aged 1 aged 1
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
5 stars
We received this book just now. Sophie has just woken up from her nap upset which is unlike her. We found this on the door mat and opened it.  I was a nice surprise. Not what i was expecting, i thought it would have a cd with it, but it has a button on each page which is lovely so Sophie can do it all by herself. The book has charming owl characters that play Beautiful music to the bunny's, birds, mice and squirrels. Then a special one just for little one. It's a beautiful book with endearing illsutrations. Very cleverly done and completely unique on our bookshelf containing 250+ children's books. 
This author is definitely becoming one of our favourites. It soothed my upset Sophie immediately, she loved the cut out parts to touch and feel. Her favourite page was the rabbits with the glow bugs, i have to say i loved this page too. 

We've just bought this for a friend's baby shower gift.
14th February '17
I read it to Vana aged 2 aged 2
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
5 stars
My 2 year old loves this book! She has being keen to sit and listen to the lovely story especially the pictures and the calming music she can press herself on each page. Lovely bedtime story again and again.
18th February '17
I read it myself (an adult) & to Laya aged 1 aged 1
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
5 stars
A lovely book with excellent calming musics.
My daughter loves to listening to the soothing music when we read it .
I would recommend this book to all , especially with special need children who has sensory issues.
This book will calm them down to enjoy the story themselves.
A fantastic book . Perfect for birthday and Christmas presents.
25th February '17
I read it to Brobee aged 4 aged 4 & to Toodee aged 2 aged 2
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
5 stars
A beautiful bedtime book to share. We love the soothing music that accompanies the book, it's perfect to set the calm bedtime mood. The book has gorgeous cut outs too, which add an extra detail.
14th February '17
I read it to Arto aged 8 months aged 0
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
4 stars
I enjoyed reading this book to my baby son. We both smiled at the soothing music offered on each page, which added a layer of magic and ceremony to bedtime. It also brought the story to life as the owls move from creature to creature playing them music to help them get to sleep.

The baby was particularly enamoured with the small cut outs in the hard pages which he could peer, poke and wonder at and were a great added touch for young readers. 

The story itself is charming, particularly if you like woodland animals and the book would appeal to most pre-schoolers as a regular (even nightly) bed time read. 

The reason it received 4, rather than 5, stars is because one of the tunes didn't work, which was a real shame. It would be a perfect new baby gift, but I would worry about buying it for someone because of this fault.
7th March '17
I read it to LouFace aged 2 aged 2
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
4 stars
This is a sweet book with really good clips of music that go along with the story. My favorite part is that the buttons for the music are on the pages so you child can only press the correct button and not just go crazy like on the books with the buttons on the side of the book. It's a simple story, nothing too special but sweet and calming for bedtime. I highly recommend it for younger children (babies and toddlers). 
31st March '17
I read it to Abilgailt aged 2 aged 2 & to Harriett aged 5 months aged 0
Baby's Bedtime Music Book 9781474921206
3 stars
I read this book to my two year old and my 6 month old. My two year old absolutely loved it, pressing all the buttons. I think she found it a little too exciting for bedtime. I thought the artwork and music we're good, but found the story a bit weak, even for a kids book. I did however, think the music was a bit loud for a bedtime book. My 6 month old wasn't interested, i don't think there were enough colour contrasts on each page. 
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