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A fantastic new picture book all about a football-playing spider, written by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, with glorious full colour illustrations from the talented Sebastian Braun and a sparkling, glittery foiled cover. Spinderella the spider has a passion for football! She tries to play a match with her brothers and sisters but she doesn't know how many spiders should be on each team. Even worse, she can't count the goals! Luckily for Spinderella, her Hairy Godmother has a plan...Julia Donaldson does it again in this hugely engaging and funny story all about football, spiders and counting - what's not to love! The perfect picture book for children of all ages - boys and girls alike. Julia Donaldson is the internationally renowned author of the best-loved picture books in the world, including The Gruffalo, What the Ladybird Heard, Sugarlump and the Unicorn and Night Monkey, Day Monkey. Julia Donaldson's collaborations with Axel Scheffler have sold millions of copies, and Room on the Broom is now an Academy Award-nominated short film. Sebastian Braun studied fine and applied arts at Strasbourg University.
He moved to London in 2000 and since then has been working exclusively on children's picture books, having been published by Orchard, Walker, Campbell, HarperCollins and Puffin.

Spinderella Reviews | Toppsta


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6th November '16
I read it to KatieAllum aged 4 aged 4
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
We love this story ::) characters are cute! Fit well with other Julia Donaldson stories. We have read this over and over again.
5th May '17
I read it to Squirt aged 3 aged 3
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
Another brill Julia Donaldson tory that we loved. Great to see one that shows how important counting can be! Good storyline and lovely pictures. My daughter loves any sort of counting book at the moment so it was nice to have one that is a story and not just objects! 
27th October '16
I read it to PoppyEC aged 3 aged 3
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
A superbly original book, suitable for Girls and Boys of any age, with a really important lesson in the story. The illustrations are stunning and modern, and the theme of the story is inspiring.
A must for any child's collection. 
2nd November '16
I read it to HollyF aged 3 aged 3
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson books. This is slightly different to what we have been used to with her rhyming books but a big hit. We have read this book every night at bed time since getting it. My little girl loves to count the children and the spiders on every page. Great way to encourage them to count.
28th October '16
I read it to Nath aged 5 aged 5 & to Olli aged 3 aged 3
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
Fantastic book! Read to my 3 and 5 year old boys they both loved it, it helped the younger one with his counting as he is learning 1-20 currently. They both enjoyed the counting and football aspects of the book. My youngest took it for his show and tell to nursery and I'm told it went down a treat with all the children.
16th February '17
I read it to Maxwell12 aged 5 aged 5
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
A beautiful book written by a fantastic writer. 

My son enjoyed the tale and was able to tell me all about the book. 

The book has lots of beautiful pictures and is easy to follow.

Suitable for boys and girls.

The perfect extra to add to any book collection!
18th September '17
I read it to Pre school aged 2 to 4
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
spinderella is a engaging story about spiders and counting. The children loved this book as they got to see how coming together as a team and listening to one another works better than being alone and not listened to. Thankfully spinderella has a hairy godmother to help her. It's a good book to introduce counting and numbers as that's the theme all the way through 
29th October '16
I read it to Maxi2011 aged 5 aged 5
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
Fabulous book all round with great illustrations and a fab story which helps children with their numbers. I read this to my 5 and 2 year old, who both enjoyed it and my 5 year old does the counting 1-20 for me but also counts how many are on each team :) 
4th November '16
I read it to Rubiroo aged 4 aged 4
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
Julia Donaldson is author my daughter enjoys. The story had an underlining importance that was shown in great illustrations and characters. The whole family enjoyed hearing the story, counting the spiders and children. A fun interact book my four year old could enjoy by herself as so much going on that she could start conversations and questions. 
21st November '16
rsa read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
We have read an awful lot of Julia Donaldson books over the years. I was a bit surprised by this one. I expected the usual rhyming verse, however this is in prose. The amusing illustrations are bright and cheerful. It is a very clever counting book. Can be easily used for not only counting up to twenty, but for helping a young child understand about multiplying/doubling. My son enjoyed the story 'I thought it was very good. I liked the pictures and the detail and the spiders in football boots.'
12th February '17
I read it to Dylanloves aged 3 aged 3
Spinderella 9781405279888
5 stars
We are all fans of Julia Donaldson in this house and got very excited about this book. It was a little different from the usual Julia Donaldson books but it was a big hit anyway. My son loved the characters and the story line. I loved that it is suitable for everyone and is a story the whole family can love
24th November '16
I read it to Ibby aged 4 aged 4
Spinderella 9781405279888
4 stars
Yet another great book by Julia Donaldson - it is written well and the characters are cute and well illustrated. As with all her books - there is an important moral tale. Good one to read to boys and girls.
12th October '17
I read it to LA12 aged 4 aged 4
Spinderella 9781405279888
4 stars
Leo loved the sparkly web on cover of this book. He enjoyed the somewhat strange story about spiders that want to play a game of football like the children at the school. It's a great way to practice numbers and counting up to twenty. Leo liked counting the numbers in each team and making sure he'd counted the right number. 
22nd June '17
I read it to monster Sam aged 4 aged 4
Spinderella 9781405279888
3 stars
I picked this up at my sons schools book fair as we love Julia Donaldson books and my younger son loves spiders and football so thought this was a good shout!   The pictures are lovely and the book is a great introduction to maths/counting by presenting it in a fun way. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a rhyming story though which I hadn't realised at the time.
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