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'Sleigh bells ring! Are you listening?'
Based on the much-loved song Winter Wonderland, this gorgeous picture book takes you on an enchanting journey through a glistening winter landscape. With beautiful wildlife to spot on every page, it is the perfect gift for the most wonderful time of the year. The book comes with an accompanying CD which includes the much-loved recording of the song by Peggy Lee that's just perfect for singing along to.
'Winter Wonderland is one of my favourite songs and one thats played over and over again in our house throughout the winter months. Hearing it conjures up happy memories of winter walks in the woods with my family and friends. No matter how old you are, I think the wonder and excitement of waking up to a world under a blanket of snow still remains.' - Tim Hopgood

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Book & CD Reviews | Toppsta


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17th November '18
I read it to Pre-schoolA aged 2 to 4
Walking in a Winter Wonderland Book & CD 9780192743756
4 stars
Walking in a Winter Wonderland is a gorgeous picture book based on the lyrics of the well known song of the same name. On each page there is a line of lyrics with beautiful pictures of woodland creatures and snowy scenes the family discover on the way through the forest on a snow day. I like how some of the lyrics to the song were changed to make it easier for children to understand and it meant it was a bit more of a story to follow which is perfect for the younger children who may not have heard the song before. The illustrations are fantastic and the children enjoy seeing the snowy scenes and find it magical to look at, especially as they are scenes we very rarely get where we are and many of them haven't seen snow before. The characters in this book are very rarely mentioned as they're not really part of the song but it is lovely to follow them throughout the book on their journey through the woods and see how they react to the new places and things they discover. The children enjoy being read this book and although we don't get it out as often as books with more of a story they love learning and singing along to the song from the CD which is a great addition to the book. 
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