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Night Zookeeper: The Elephant of Tusk Temple
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Night Zookeeper: The Elephant of Tusk Temple


Night Zookeeper: The Elephant of Tusk Temple Reviews | Toppsta

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When Will accidentally creates a mysterious portal during a trip to the zoo, he's transported into the world of the Night Zoo, and thrust into an incredible adventure.

Joined by his friends, Sam and Riya, Will journeys through a new portal and arrives at the Tusk Temple in search of Maji the time-travelling elephant. But the temple is in danger. The only way to save it is for Will to undergo the Night Zookeeper trial - facing leaps over bottomless caverns, impossible puzzles, and an ultimate test in bravery. Can Will pass the trial and save the day, or is this the end of the Night Zoo?

Night Zookeeper: The Elephant of Tusk Temple Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 4 in the Night Zookeeper Series. See all Night Zookeeper books here.

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Age 6 7 8 9 10 11

About Joshua Davidson

In Joshua Davidson's world of the Night Zoo, children discover purple elephants, invisible spying giraffes, Wednesday flavoured ice cream and a city made entirely of igloos.

Joshua is passionate about education and his books are about friendship, the power of creativity and the importance of an unrestrained imagination.

This attitude is what powers all

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About Giles Clare

Giles Clare is a freelance author and practising teacher with nearly 20 years' experience in the primary classroom. He has written a wide range of resources for teachers and children, including fiction. He cycles to get some exercise and also to have a break from the writing.

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