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This is the story of a brave little car that helped to win a war. In the 1940's world of elegant, luxury automobiles, the Tin Snail is no beauty. But it's facing a tough challenge: to carry a farmer and his wife, a flagon of wine and a tray of eggs across a bumpy field in a sleepy French village - without spilling a drop or cracking a shell. And then an even bigger challenge comes along - staying hidden from an officer of the occupying Nazi army, who is bent on stealing the design for the enemy! Loosely inspired by real events, with ingredients from the best children's favourites (a dash of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a pinch of Hugo and a sprinkling of Dad's Army), this debut novel from successful screenwriter Cameron McAllister is a wonderfully fun, big-hearted read for the whole family.

The Tin Snail Reviews | Toppsta


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About Cameron McAllister

Cameron McAllister is a TV scriptwriter, and has worked on shows such as Robinson Crusoe, Spooks Code 9, Primeval and Emmerdale. He grew up near the beaches of Cornwall, and now lives in Brighton with his wife, four sons and Floss the dog.

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