CSEC Physics 3 Edn
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CSEC Physics 3 Edn


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Longman Physics for CSEC ActiveBook , is part of a bestselling title- now in its second edition- taking an intractive as well as textbook form. Key features of the book include:

  • a FREE ActiveBook CD-ROM , which features inspiring video contexts, illuminating animations, PowerPoint presentations, interactive questions and answers, and an interactive glossary.
  • a modernised full-colour design, and many new photographs that will appeal to the students and make diagrams clearer and easier to understand
  • practice questions (data-analysis style) and a chapter on Logic Gates
  • comprehensive appendices, including revision tips, a guide to practical work and the SBA, multiple choice questions and answers to all numerical questions and revision exercises
  • margin boxes stating additional facts of interest, which relate physics to the real world

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About Barry Jackson

Barry Jackson is an experienced teacher of physics and has taught in a wide variety of schools during his long career.

Peter Whiteley taught at the University of the West Indies and was an experienced examiner at CSEC level. He also contributed to syllabus development throughout the Caribbean.

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