Pocket PAL: Creating Enquiring Minds
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Pocket PAL: Creating Enquiring Minds


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Inspiring, intelligent and practical, this user-friendly guide provides a wonderful introduction to using P4C (Philosophy for Children) in primary schools. This extremely accessible book provides an introduction to philosophy for children. It explains how you can encourage children to ask the right questions, reason effectively, think for themselves, and begin to understand more about themselves and the world around them.

Inspiring and intelligent, with clearly presented, practice-based examples, it is full of fun and engaging activities that work right across the curriculum.

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This is Book 8 in the Pocket PAL Series. See all Pocket PAL books here.

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About Sara Stanley

Sara Stanley, Bed (hons) Cambridge, specialises in creating philosophical worlds in the classroom. Using a year long story curriculum she entices the children to create their own journey through one story, many books and even more dialogues and enquiries based on their everyday play, language and storytelling. Alongside the year long story Sara Stanley share

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