OCR Crime and Punishment Through Time: An SHP Development Study
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OCR Crime and Punishment Through Time: An SHP Development Study


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Updated for the revised specification for teaching start 2013, first exam Summer 2015. Help your students learn more effectively with SHP's active learning approach to GCSE History. SHP Smarter History is a comprehensive series of books covering all the Schools History Project GCSE specifications. They combine: - complete coverage of the specification content - step-by-step coaching in exam skills all tackled through SHP's active learning, enquiry-based approach, which makes lesson planning easy, and helps ensure varied pace throughout the course -- essential to keep your students motivated over a long period. These books put the fun back into teaching and learning at GCSE but without any compromise -- they still help students achieve the highest grades. At every relevant stage through the book the 'Exam Buster' features help blend exam preparation with historical learning so that by the end of the course students understand not only the period and its issues but also how they will be expected to think and write about this for the examination.
This is the best of both worlds from the experts who know what good teaching is about and also know what the SHP specifications are all about. OCR Crime and Punishment This title is a course book for students taking the OCR Crime and Punishment Development Study. The textbook covers all the relevant requirements of the Development Study and the Protest and Reaction Source Investigation for Paper 2. Dynamic Learning teaching and learning resources are available which provide digital activities for the whiteboard or computer network.

OCR Crime and Punishment Through Time: An SHP Development Study Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780340991350
  • Pub Date: 25th June 2010
  • Publisher: Hodder Education
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 144

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This is Book 7 in the SHPS Series. See all SHPS books here.

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