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It's snowing and Miffy wants to go and play. She rides her sledge, skates on the frozen river and even makes a snowman. In the snow she finds a little bird who is too cold so Miffy helps him to build a little house to keep him warm. Award-winning UK poet, Tony Mitton, has worked closely with Dick Bruna's Dutch publisher to create new translations for the classic Miffy stories that are true to the books' original voice, and yet have a contemporary feel to the language that makes them appealing to the modern young audience. The translations beautifully convey the warmth and friendliness of the original Dutch whilst maintaining a style that is inimitably Miffy.

Miffy in the Snow Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 19 in the Miffy Series. See all Miffy books here.

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2nd November '15
Read to a child aged 3
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
5 stars
I read Miffy books when I was a child and was very delighted to read this book to my 3 year old. This book is simply, beautifully illustrated, lovely rhyming on each page and keeps your little one captivated :) we really enjoyed this book and would recommend to other boys/ girls aged 2 years onwards.
27th April '15
Read to a child aged 2
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
5 stars
I thought the illustrations were beautiful and really made the story, my little one really loves looking through this book himself as well as it being a lovely story to be read to him. The character Miffy is loveable and easy to follow, perfect for little ones and also quite enjoyable for adults when reading aloud. The story was unique, pleasant and relate-able and really made my little on want it to snow!
7th December '18
I read it to Zachy aged 1 aged 1
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
5 stars
Loved this book. Simple illustrations and a story about a rabbit exploring the snow and helping a little bird. My nearly 2 year old enjoyed it. 
2nd March '17
I read it to M aged 2 aged 2
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
5 stars
My little man is 2 and he absolutely loves this book. He enjoys talking about it and it is a pleasure to read as it is very well written. It has engaging pictures and I think this helps keep him engrossed in the book. The rhyming is perfect too!
30th July '17
I read it to Flynn aged 4 aged 4
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
5 stars
This is another lovely book in the Miffy series. This time Miffy is playing in the snow. When Miffy wakes up to find snow on the ground she can't wait to go out and play and she knows there will be no school. She dresses up nice and warm and ventures outside. Then she goes sledding, ice skating and even builds a snowman. After that she meets a sad little bird who has no home so Miffy sets to work making a house so it can be happy again. She has a wonderful day but soon it is time for bed. We loved this story, the rhyming sentences and the simple, wonderful illustrations. A very sweet story that we would recommend.
18th September '16
I read it to Soopa aged 1 aged 1
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
5 stars
My daughter was given a set of Miffy books. They are a good size for her as she is able to flick through them herself. The pictures are the same, simple but appealing style of all the Miffy books. The text is very simple and some of the rhymes don't work with my accent but it doesn't detract from the lovely simplicity of the books. In this book reading about what Miffy does in the snow after having read Miffy at the Seaside gave us a good opportunity to talk about changing seasons as well as both enjoying a classic Miffy tale. 
9th December '14
AvaW read it themselves aged 1 aged 1
Miffy in the Snow 9781471120855
4 stars
Liked the pictures and the rhymes, a simple, enjoyable short story about Miffy having fun in the snow.
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About Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1927. Using clear, bold design and bright color, he has established a design technique that has become internationally recognized. His books, most of them starring the beloved character Miffy, have been translated into more than forty languages....

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