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It's winter time, and Jolly Tall has been gazing out of the window for days, but there's no snow. Then Little Bear has a brilliant idea - why not make their own? A beautiful brand new edition of Jane Hissey's classic playroom adventure, Jolly Snow.

Jolly Snow Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 13 in the Old Bear Series. See all Old Bear books here.

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6th March '17
I read it myself (an adult)
Jolly Snow 9781908973023
5 stars
This Brings Back Memories of seeing the Animated Adaptation of this Story.
15th April '17
I read it to Squirt aged 3 aged 3
Jolly Snow 9781908973023
5 stars
My daughter likes all the Little Bear series that we have found so far. This one is a lovely story about waiting for snow. I like them as they feed the idea that your toys get up to adventures when your not there. 
Lots of inspiration to do different things after reading this book too, we ended up making a slide in he lounce for a 'sledge' but I'm sure next time it will be baking or making paper lanterns. Lots of fun! 
28th October '18
I read it to aiwilford aged 6 aged 6 & to mrwilford aged 4 aged 4
Jolly Snow 9781908973023
4 stars
We enjoy these stories by Jane Hissey. In this book the bears are discovering all the different types of snow you can get. It made my little ones laugh, especially when a dough balls gets stuck on the rabbits tail! They thought it was great all the different ways you can have snow. 
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