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Polly Plays her Part


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Polly's dad is busy with his girlfriend, constantly cooing over their new baby, Jake. Polly's mum is so busy planning her year away in Spain she hardly seems to notice her at all. The only place Polly feels important is at Starmakers Drama Club, where everyone is busy working towards their latest production Crash - a thriller about a girl trapped inside her own computer with only a load of nasty viruses for company. But even though Polly manages to get the starring role, Mum won't change her mind about Spain, and Polly is dumped at Dad's. Spending hours playing alone on the computer, Polly discovers a fantasy game and creates a brand new identity for herself - she can pretend life's great! Diving headlong into her new virtual world, Polly withdraws from her school work, her friends and even her drama classes. Can her friends Phoebe and Monty B persuade her to come back to Starmakers before it's too late? A hilarious, yet moving, story containing a life-affirming roller-coaster of tween realities, Anne-Marie Conway is major new voice in fiction for girls.

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This is Book 2 in the Star Makers Club Series. See all Star Makers Club books here.


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About Anne-Marie Conway

Anne-Marie Conway is an award-winning author of six acclaimed novels, including 'Butterfly Summer', which won The Oxfordshire Book Awards 2013 and has recently been selected as an Usborne Classic, and 'Forbidden Friends', which won the Southwark Book Award 2014. Unicorn Girl is being published to help raise money to build a new library at a local secondary s

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