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Stampy Cat: Stampy's Lovely Book


Stampy Cat: Stampy's Lovely Book Reviews | Toppsta

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Hello, this is Stampy! Welcome to My Lovely Book!

Inside you'll find games and activities, hilarious jokes and exclusive info about me and my friends. There's a Stampy cake bake (of course!), a comic strip, silly challenges to try with your friends. I've also included my favourite artwork and crafts from you, my lovely fans!
I had so much fun making this book, and I hope you have just as much fun reading it!
Stampy Cat Facts:
Distinguishing features: long tail, orange fur, big, fluffy whiskers.
Likes: playing games, building and cake.
Dislikes: Googlies, difficult redstone.
Favourite games: Minecraft, Halo, Disney Infinity and Skylanders.
Best Lovely World moment: finding my first dog.
Most likely to say: Spruce!

Stampy Cat: Stampy's Lovely Book Reviews | Toppsta


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