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They say you can't outrun a bullet - what if you could stop one? When Troy is caught up in a terrorist attack that takes the lives of his parents, he discovers an amazing power - bullets can't harm him. Soon he is recruited into a secret organisation where he meets Kasia, a girl with her own remarkable talent, and the two put their powers to use. Exhilarating action meets heart-pounding suspense in the first title of this trilogy.

Bulletcatcher Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 1 in the Bulletcatcher Series. See all Bulletcatcher books here.

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3rd December '17
Dragonflame read it themselves aged 12 aged 12
Bulletcatcher 9781781124451
2 stars
This story starts with a young teenager called Troy. As he sifts through a comic, he realizes the shopping mall is under attack by a group of terrorists - so far, it seems perfect for a children's book!  I personally found this book not very well thought through, as a lot of the book seemed rushed, and a few characters unlikely to really exist. 

This could have been such a great book, but I feel like it was too short and the dialogue wasn't believable.
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