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Write Your Own Fairy Tale Competition

13th June 2019


To celebrate the publication of Cinders and Sparks – a hilarious and heart-warming twist on the Cinderella story for readers aged 7+ - we’re inviting children (of all ages) to create their very own fairy tale featuring a talking animal of their choice. We’ll then pick our favourites to be published on the Toppsta blog and receive copies of the book for their school library!

To get your creative juices flowing, click here or on the image below to read the first three chapters from Cinders and Sparks where you’ll be introduced to our heroine Cinders, her not-so-friendly step-mother and step-sisters, her talking dog Sparks and her fairy godmother, Brian!

Write Your Own Fairy Tale Competition

Your story can be as whacky and wild as you want it to be and, like Cinders and Sparks, doesn’t have to fit the ‘conventional’ fairy tale form. Here are some points to consider to get you started:

1. Who is your hero or heroine?
-   What do they look like? Think about eye colour, hair colour, height and any distinguishing features.
-   What’s their personality like? Are they shy/outgoing, clumsy/graceful, quiet/loud, serious/playful, fearful/adventurous?

2. Is there a villain?
-   All traditional fairy tales have a villain – someone who has evil intentions towards the main character (e.g. the big bad wolf or the evil queen). You may choose not to have one or to have someone who is not ALL bad!

3. What is the magical element in the story?
-   Cinders has a fairy godmother called Brian who helps her discover her ability to perform magic. What magical power will your hero/heroine have? Who will help them to discover it?

4. Who is your talking pet?
-   Cinders discovers the dog that she’s had her whole life can talk! Who will your talking pet be?
-   What does he/she look like?
-   What does he/she act like? Are they kind/rude, timid/cheeky, grumpy/upbeat?

5. Where will the story take place?
-   Think about where you’d like to set your story (e.g. a castle, wood, tower, cottage, garden) and the mood you’d like to create. Different settings can create different moods in a fairy tale – e.g. a nice little cottage in the woods is the perfect place to create a cosy, warm feeling; whilst a gloomy tower might set a darker mood.
-   Will the story take place in the past, present or future?

There is no set word length but you might want to aim for around 100 – 300 words. Your story should be emailed to [email protected] with the subject heading ‘Toppsta Fairy Tale Comp’ by 27th July 2019.

Happy Writing!

Write Your Own Fairy Tale Competition
Book pages Placeholder Book

Cinders and Sparks: Magic at Midnight

A magic girl. A talking dog. Let's get this party started . . .

Cinders lives a boring life with her selfish stepsisters and mean stepmother. So when her wishes start magically coming true it's a surprise to say the least.

Then Cinders meets her fairy godmother: she's magic, she can fly, and she's called . . . Brian. 

Soon, Cinders finds herself heading to the glamorous ball at the King's palace. But Brian is NOT very reliable and Cinders is NOT very good at magic. Now her life isn't boring at all - it's total chaos!


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