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Why Failure Is An Option - Part 2

13th June 2019


Today is the second Friday of Walker Books’ #FailureFriday campaign which is running throughout the month of June in support of the new-look Timmy Failure books. The aim of the campaign is to show children that failure is an option and to embrace, rather than fear, it.

Last week Matt Oldfield, Abi Elphinstone, Jeff Norton and Amy McCulloch shared their thoughts and experiences of failure [click here to read the full article if you missed it] and this week we’re joined by authors Stewart Foster, Caryl Hart and Thomas Taylor. Check out what they have to say about failure below:

Stewart Foster – author of The Bubble Boy, All The Things That Could Go Wrong and soon-to-be-published Check Mates

In Check Mates, Felix has to overcome his ADHD in order to improve his school grades, and succeed at chess. Of course, it’s not easy for him as his biggest fear is that of failure. Eventually I like to think he combats that fear, but also I believe the crucial time for him, and us, is to realise that the fun comes in trying to overcome our challenges, because the biggest failure is not to try at all.

Caryl Hart – author of the much-loved Albie and Princess series; her latest book, The Princess and the Shoe published last week!

There is no such thing as failure. There is only LEARNING. 

Often we don't achieve the thing we set out to do first time, but each time we try, we learn a little bit more so that our next attempt brings us closer to our goals.  So never be afraid to try. And if you don't get where you want to first time, try again. And keep trying. Don't give up and I promise that you will EITHER reach your goal, or realise that your goal isn't actually where you want to be anymore!

Also, the greatest inventions come from the times when things don't go the way we expect them to. 

When I write my stories, I very rarely get them right first time. It can be hard when an editor says they want me to change or re-write parts or all of the story, but I know that what we come out with in the end will be the very best it can possibly be. I know I will be more proud and happier with the end result, and knowing this gives me the courage to take a deep breath, and start again.

Thomas Taylor – author of gripping middle-grade adventure, Malamander

Failure isn’t a dish best served cold — that’s revenge (and ice cream). And failure isn’t success spelled backwards — that’s eruliaf (say what?). But if you take the letters of ERULIAF and struggle with them long enough, you will find LIFE, FIRE, FUEL, and FLAIR, and these are powerful words, that maybe others didn’t notice in ‘failure’, and with this secret knowledge you shall have your revenge (and ice cream).

I don't know about you but we're feeling much more positive about failure over at Toppsta Towers. So, what are you waiting for kids - embrace failure and have some fun along the way!

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