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World Book Day Books 2017

28th February 2017


This year's world book day books are absolute corkers! Like previous years, Toppsta reviewers were fortunate enough to get early access and were able to provide their thoughts ahead of publication this week. I can't thank all the reviewers enough, you did a brilliant job as usual, on a tight timeframe when I know you have a million and other things to juggle too.

If you haven't already, check out the World Book Day website where you can find all the books, tons of resources for schools and of course lots of dressing up ideas.

Below you'll find the list of this year's books. Click through to read all the reviews!

Pre-School Books

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Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves World Book Day! World Book Day 2017

It's World Book Day and Peppa and George are allowed to dress up as their favourite characters for school.

"Lottie (age 4) thought this book was really funny" (Lottie12)

"My three year old absolutely loved it" (Roxy)

"My daughter is mad on Peppa Pig, so I knew she would enjoy this" (Katie-birmingham)

"My daughter (age 5) loved how peppa was lots of characters in her favourite books" (Gillian)

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Everyone Loves Underpants: A World Book Day Book

This zany, hilarious tale is delightfully brought to life by Ben Cort's vibrant illustrations. With a madcap, rhyming text by award-winning Claire Freedman, this is sure to enchant and amuse the whole family!

"Great fun rhyming text with brilliantly fun illustrations" (mrsbeckie)

"This book was really good. My 3yr old and 6 yr old both loved it" (Lianec77)

" Both my girls (age 4 & 8) found the pictures both funny and engaging" (JellyBabyMom2)

"Read this book to my 2 & 6 year old and they both loved it" (Tattyhead)

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KS1 Books

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Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey

A special mini edition of Where's Wally? to celebrate World Book Day 2017

"I read this book with my six year old and three year old. They both loved it - especially the six year old who already has a few Where's Wally books. He enjoyed finding Wally." (Roxy)

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Good Old Timmy and Other Stories: World Book Day 2017

This special World Book Day book contains three of Enid Blyton's page-turning short stories about the Famous Five, with fantastic new illustrations by Laura Ellen Anderson.

"I loved it because there was a lot of dogs and people. I loved the story because it is amazing" (CaityBelle Age 6)

"This book is great. It has three short stories. I really enjoyed them all" (Phoebe08 age 9)

"A good read with lots of interesting characters along the way" (GeorgeyMud age 10)

"It was exciting, mysterious and fantastic" (Elisaboo age 7)

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Horrid Henry Funny Fact Files: World Book Day 2017

An exclusive World Book Day 2017 collection of Horrid Henry's best and most brilliant facts!

"I absolutely loved this book. I kept stopping to tell my Mum facts, and laughed throughout" (HannahMc age 7)

" Absolutely brilliant. My son (age 8) is a huge Horrid Henry fan. I've never seen him read a book so fast" (Peter)

"We loved this book, it was full of funny and interesting facts" (Read to Robert2007 age 9)

"I loved hearing about his practical jokes and how he plays tricks on people" (Sam age 7)

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Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White

From Julia Donaldson, the bestselling author of The Gruffalo, comes Princess Mirror-Belle and Snow White.

"Once I started reading it, I could not put it down" (HannahMc age 7)

"My daughter (age 5) found the story engaging and a funny twist on the traditional Snow White story" (Read to Mckinleigh age 5)

" I would definitely recommend this book because I liked all the characters and the storyline" (BBear07 age 9)

" We really enjoyed reading this book together" (Read to RosieL age 9 and KatieL age 6)

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KS2 Books

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Butterfly Beach

A brand-new story starring the unlikely best friends of The Butterfly Club, published specially for World Book Day 2017, from much-loved and bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.

" I read this to my son Alex (age 9) and he enjoyed it, which I was surprised about as it had such a strong quota of female characters" (rebeccajw-east-grinstead)

" Good. A beach enthusiast would find it cool. It's a funny book" (Freddie9 age 10)

"The book made me laugh out loud as it had some good/funny things in it. I enjoyed the book and would read it again and again" KCJo08 age 8)

" I didn't like the mean person at the start, it made me feel sad. I am glad that I read the book. It was very short and I read it all on my own without any problems" (Girly age 8)

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A funny and heartwarming story of a very unusual friendship from one of today's favourite children's authors.

"This book is fantastic, I love David Williams and this lived up to the brilliant reputation he has" (Elliemai age 9)

" This was my first David Walliams book and I loved it. There were lots of funny bits in the book that made me laugh out loud!" (Ishan09 age 7)

"This was a very funny book. I liked how Raj has done another introduction but all the characters in the story were new. Five stars from me! (ElyssaP age 10)

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a funny book and I would recommend it to all my friends" (Jack from London age 8)

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Island: World Book Day 2017

A hopeful and moving coming-of-age story set on the island of Lindisfarne, by David Almond, author of the prize-winning Skellig and A Song for Ella Grey.

"This book as a really inspiring read, balancing tops of war and hope and relatable characters" (Alice from London age 14)

" Really enjoyed the book. It was very moving and thought provoking story" (Ollie05 age 11)

"This was a moving story which strongly reflects the goings on of the modern day" (ChloeB age 13)

" I enjoyed the book - I liked having a digital copy as it meant I always had it with me!" (ben1411 age 13)

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Dead of Night: A World Book Day Book 2017

Set in the alternative World War II scenario of his Front Lines novels, Michael Grant, author of the bestselling GONE series, has written this story exclusively for World Book Day 2017.

"This book is definitely not for little kids. This is like a Christmas carol with three ghosts but it's about war. It contains references to sex, suicide, death and gore" (Boy age 13)

"I liked the book because of the way the story was well written and because of that it was easy to picture the story in your head" (Bodders2003 age 13)

"This is a really interesting read - definitely for the older child as it contains lots of mature content and is quite graphic in places" (Biblioworm4 age 13)

" I think this book is for older readers than me. This book is about a young woman in the American who has three rather strange encounters with old soldiers" (Rosie2336 age 11)


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