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Why everyone needs to search for Wally this Christmas

6th November 2018


The Where’s Wally? books are a real favourite here at Toppsta Towers and so when we found out there was a new Where’s Wally? title publishing in time for Christmas we could hardly hide our excitement (excuse the pun!).

The new book, Where’s Wally? The Spectacular Spotlight Search is, in our opinion, THE best Wally title yet. Just when you thought you'd mastered the art of finding Wally, along comes a whole new twist. You have to search for Wally IN THE DARK. How cool is that?!

And no, we don’t mean switching the lights off and desperately trying to find Wally whilst praying you’ve eaten enough carrots! There’s a special paper spotlight searcher that you can use as a magic torch to illuminate six classic scenes. Plus there's bonus hidden content and additional games on every page. Check out an example scene below.

What’s great about the Where’s Wally? books, and this new one in particular, is that they’re perfect for both girls and boys from 5 years old right up to at least 12 years old. Plus, parents, grandparents and siblings will love joining in the fun. Christmas sorted!

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Where's Wally? The Spectacular Spotlight Search

Can you find Wally in the dark?  The ultimate search-and-find book, with a night-time twist!

It's Wally like you've never seen him before! Use the paper spotlight searcher as a magic torch to illuminate the six classic scenes. The trick is to carefully move the magic slider around until the right spot is revealed. Each spectacular scene contains Wally and his friends, along with bonus hidden content and additional games on every page.

All light-up magic is designed from paper, and extra spotlight searchers are available to print from online. No batteries necessary.


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