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6th November 2018


Our very own Toppsta reviewer, Tabitha (age 5), interviewed Laura Dockrill, author of hilarious new picture book Angry Cookie. Here’s what she had to say:

What is your favourite kind of cookie?
Chocolate chocolate chocolate the more chocolate the better 

What were your favourite stories when you were little? 
Anything by Roald Dahl or Jacqueline Wilson. Where the Wild Things Are, Greek myths and fairy stories

Why do you like to write children’s stories?
I feel like writing for children gives you freedom and escapism, you can leave exciting trails of breadcrumbs without spelling out too much, it’s like living inside your imagination where anything is possible. Plus, I love working with the audiences. You realise you have such an important role as a writer – you are essentially becoming the very first friend of your reader 

How do you write your stories?
I write in leggings and socks and a big warm cosy jumper – at my laptop at my dining table. I like the lighting to be warm and soft and to see the trees and birds. I always need cups of tea and loads of biscuits and toast.

I think Cookie is funny. What made you imagine a story about a Cookie rather than a person or an animal? 
I wanted to choose a food that was usually known for being sweet and happy and turn it on its head. Plus, why not?

Is it fun to make up the funny or silly bits of stories – like Cookie on the toilet or why does a cookie live with a recorder tooting cactus?
So fun – the more stupid the better! I am addicted to writing the silly bits!

If you were a food in Angry Cookie’s world what would you be? I would be a Boo-berry!
Hahahaha wonderful! I would like to be the cool banana barber – she’s pretty cool.

I liked it when Cookie goes to the hairdressers. Have you ever had a haircut that made you feel like Angry Cookie? 
Oh great minds! I used to work at a hairdressers where I would always get stupid haircuts. I am not precious about hair and loved getting wonky hair styles; I’ve had half my head shaved before, a ‘beret’ haircut and a ‘bowl’ haircut. And once my mum cut all my hair off completely because my nits got too bad.

I don’t like minty toothpaste either. What makes you grumpy? 
Hmmm... when people are rude and selfish, when people don’t say thank you when you open the door for them, when the toilet paper has run out. 

Barbra makes me laugh, she is cheeky! Are you going to write more books about Cookie and his friends? 
That would be good. I love Barbra. She’s probably my favourite character – I’d love to do more with her for sure! 

Book pages Placeholder Book

Angry Cookie

Prepare to fall absolutely in love with this irresistible cookie, crumbly chocolate chips and all.

OH NO! Barbra the cactus won't stop playing her recorder, the yummy strawberry toothpaste has run out, and now - to top it all off - Cookie has to have his hair cut! Which all makes for one VERY ANGRY little cookie... But perhaps you, the reader, can find a way to turn his grumpy frown upside down? This wildly inventive, interactive, laugh-out-loud tale brings Laura Dockrill's one-of-a-kind voice and Maria Karipidou's hilarious illustrations to the Walker list.


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