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29th April 2020

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If you love finding out more about your favourite authors and illustrators and discovering new talent come and join us at the #ToppstaBookClub chat over on our Twitter channel, @Toppsta. If you're new to Twitter, don't worry, you just need to search for the hashtag #ToppstaBookClub and follow by reading the discussion. We always welcome new people and love hearing your thoughts on the latest children's books during the discussion. We have a wide variety of people joining us and the great thing is that YOU get to chat with the author/illustrator and ask them your burning questions. Sometimes we even offer signed copies to the people that pose the most interesting questions!

We have a fantastic selection of authors and illustrators lined up, so come and join us 7.30-8.30pm!

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The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Wednesday 20th May - We'll be joined by Jenny Pearson, debut author of the genuinely laugh out loud, The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Freddie Yates likes facts. Just not the one staring him in the face - that his secret plan is not, in fact, secret. Because Freddie's journey wasn't meant to involve Big Trev and the onion-eating competition or the loo-exploding pear-and-potato turnovers. And Freddie definitely didn't expect to end up, with his two best friends, on national television in a supergirl costume. But journeys never take you where you think they will. And for Freddie, that fact might just have to be enough... The super funny, heart-warming adventure of three boys, one summer holiday, and a few miracles along the way.

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The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Wednesday 27th May - We'll be joined by L.D. Lapinski, author of the fabulous magical adventure, The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Pack your suitcase for a magical adventure! Perfect for fans of The Train to Impossible Places and The Polar Bear Explorers' Club .

At the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, each suitcase transports you to a different world. All you have to do is step inside . . .

When 12-year-old Flick Hudson accidentally ends up in the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, she uncovers a fantastic secret: there are hundreds of other worlds just steps away from ours. All you have to do to visit them is jump into the right suitcase. Then Flick gets the invitation of a lifetime: join Strangeworlds' magical travel society and explore other worlds.

But, unknown to Flick, the world at the very centre of it all, a city called Five Lights, is in danger. Buildings and even streets are mysteriously disappearing. Once Flick realizes what's happening she must race against time, travelling through unchartered worlds, seeking a way to fix Five Lights before it collapses into nothingness - and takes our world with it.

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Wednesday 10th June - We'll be joined by Jennifer Bell, author of Wonderscape, a fast-paced time-travel, gaming adventure perfect for Jumanji fans!

Gaming and time travel collide in this exhilarating middle-grade adventure, from bestselling author Jennifer Bell.


When Arthur, Ren and Cecily investigate a mysterious explosion on their way to school, they find themselves trapped aboard The Principia - a scientific research ship sailing through hazardous waters, captained by one Isaac Newton.

Lost in the year 2473 in the Wonderscape, an epic in-reality adventure game, they must call on the help of some unlikely historical heroes, to play their way home before time runs out.

Jumanji meets Ready Player One in this fast-paced adventure featuring incredible real-life heroes, from the internationally bestselling author of The Uncommoners series.


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