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Read an extract from Jeff Norton's awesome new series, Alienated

23rd October 2018


Looking for a new action-adventure story to get your teeth stuck into? Look no further as award-winning author Jeff Norton has created just this and more in his brand new series, Alienated, for readers aged 9+.

A highly entertaining series with themes of diversity, friendship, teamwork and perseverance, Alienated features a wild mix of characters thrown together in Groom Lake, a school like no other. If you've ever felt like a misfit or an outsider, you'll LOVE this!

Click on the image below and be the first to read an extract from the first instalment in Jeff's awesome new series, Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake, publishing on 1st November. It literally is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Read an extract from Jeff Norton's awesome new series, Alienated
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Fourteen-year-old Sherman Capote is an Air Force brat used to moving schools. But he's never been to a place like Groom Lake High, the high school for aliens at Area 51.

It's a totally alien environment filled with cliques and bullies, but he makes friends with a gang of galactic misfits: Octo, a quick-witted Ventitent (a twenty-tentacled "octopus"), Houston, a moody robot, Sonya, a rebellious lizard, and Juliet, an omnipotent goddess. But when the school bully, Ned, initiates a War of the Worlds, Sherman and his new friends must set aside homework, first crushes and high school proms to save the world.


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