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An Interview with Claire Freedman


Our very own Toppsta reviewer, Jonathan (age 6), interviewed Claire Freedman, author of hilarious new picture book There's A Spider In This Book. Here’s what she had to say:

Do you like spiders?  
Absolutely not! I hate spiders and if there is one in the house my husband has to remove it for me!

How did you come up with the idea for There’s A Spider In This Book?
I think it was one of those occasions when I needed rescuing from a spider (my husband again!) and that got me thinking, what's it like from the spider's point of view. There you are hanging comfortably from the ceiling when someone comes and chucks you out the window!

Why did you decide to write this book? 
From my first idea I just began to think of all the funny possibilities and I thought it would be fun to write the story from the spider's perspective. That's when I thought I could turn it into a book.

How long did it take you to write There’s A Spider In This Book? 
It took a lot of thinking time and then when I was ready to put pen to paper it took about one week. I always write longhand before typing my stories on the computer.

How did you choose your illustrator? 
The wonderful team at Macmillan chose the perfect illustrator for the book. They shared some of Mike's fab illustrations and I was very happy with their decision.

Will you be writing more books with lift-the-flaps and hidden pictures? Good question. I haven't planned to but I would certainly enjoy writing more lift-the-flap books.

I love writing stories at school and at home and would like to be a writer when I grow up. Have you got any tips for me? 
It's wonderful that you enjoy writing stories at school. I'm sure you enjoy reading lots of books too, and that's always a good thing if you want to be a writer, as other books give you your own ideas. The best tip I could give you is to just keep on writing about anything and everything, and let your imagination go wild – and have fun doing it!

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
No, I didn't know I could be a writer until I went to a writer's group. I found out I had a talent for writing stories for children.

What made you want to write for children rather than grown-ups? 
I just think it is more fun and I love making children laugh, learn or get lost in one of my books.

How did you feel when your first book was published?
Very excited and proud. I couldn't wait to see the book for sale in a shop!

An Interview with Claire Freedman
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There's A Spider In This Book

There's a spider in this book. Are you brave enough to take a look?

Eric the spider can't understand why people scream and run away from him. He only wants to say hello. But Fluffy the cat wants to eat Eric, so he's hiding. It's up to the reader to find Eric on every spread and maybe finally catch a glimpse of him with the surprise lift the flap ending . . .

A funny and engaging story written by internationally bestselling author, Claire Freedman, and brought to life by Mike Byrne's hilarious and colourful illustrations.


21st October 2018

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