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Guest Blog from Steven Butler author of Dog Diaries

Author of the Dog Diaries series Steven Butler

Dog Diaries is a laugh out loud illustrated series told from a dog's perspective that is perfect for newly independent readers aged 6+

The books are written by Steven Butler with James Patterson and illustrated by Richard Watson. We're thrilled to have a guest blog from Steven introducing us to the newest addition to the series Dog Diaries: Camping Chaos.

We also have some brilliant Dog Diaries themed activities for all of us staying at home - download the activity pack on our book page here.

Camping Chaos once again follows the pawsome adventures of Junior the dog - the beloved pet of Rafe (who some readers may know from the Middle School series!) and the Katchadorians or, as he calls them, "Catch-a-doggy-bones". This time they are off camping and the usual chaos ensues!

Our reviewers love this series saying:

"The story is so exciting I couldn't wait to read it each night with my mum. I love that this could be how dogs think and that this book is part of a series." (Alex 0512, aged 8)

"Dog Diaries is such a fun and easy-to-read series!" (LA12 aged 6)

"What an awesome book. We have never laughed so much through a book. We read it all in one morning as none of us wanted to stop."  LP Wilford

Read on to find out more about the new book from Steven himself.

Guest Blog from Steven Butler author of Dog Diaries

When I was a little boy, my family went on three camping holidays over three summers in a row and every one of them was a total disaster. I’m not joking! 

The first time around, we pitched our tents in a pretty forest campsite in France, and KABOOM, there was a huge forest fire. We had to be evacuated in trucks and driven through burning woods like people from an action movie.

The second year, we went to a horse ranch in a different part of France. By some freaky coincidence there was another fire, only this time it was in the stables. To save all the poor horses, the staff flung the barn doors open and the animals stampeded around the site, flattening all the tents. It was like a scene from The Lion King!

The third time around, my Mum and Dad decided there was no way they would make the same mistake three times in a row. They booked us into a super flashy campsite with giant family-sized tents, all the mod-cons and ELECTRICITY! Nothing could go wrong on such a fancy holiday. But… you guessed it… while we were all sleeping, an electric anti-insect contraption exploded and we had to tumble outside to the safety of the night air as our tent filled up with foul mosquito-repelling smoke. Our belongings were blackened, but thankfully free of gnats.

Needless to say, my family never went camping again.

So, after such a cursed personal history with camping, I always knew I wanted to send Junior and the Khatchadorian family on a holiday to remember… or forget in a hurry. 

Guest Blog from Steven Butler author of Dog Diaries

In the latest book of the series, Dog Diaries: Camping Chaos, things get even more hair-raising (I mean fur-raising) than ever. 

If you’ve been camping with your friends or family, had a barbecue under the stars, and accidentally stumbled into a stinging nettle patch while you’re trying to find your way to the loos in the dark, then this is absolutely the book for you.

I had loads of fun reliving the nightmares of holidaying in tents and I hope Junior’s newest adventure will have you giggling away all summer.


Steven x

Guest Blog from Steven Butler author of Dog Diaries
Book pages Placeholder Book

Dog Diaries: Camping Chaos!

   'A perfect story to tickle the funny bone of any young reader!' MEGAN RIX  


 I can't wait to get to the most magical place in the world-THE WOODS! Just imagine all the adventures...


 *         Doggy-paddling in the lake
 *         Barking at raccoons
 *         And my quest to find the greatest stick in the universe!


 But all my best plans are ruined when Iona Stricker-the most miserable, cruel, and obedience-loving human you could ever hope not to meet-shows up, making any fun impossible.


 Until... a canine criminal, escaped from POOCH PRISON, sneaks into the camp and changes everything!


 This vacation might be fun after all!



9th May 2020

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