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Children's Book Award 2017

13th December 2017


Toppsta is hugely excited to be working with The Children’s Book Award, the only national UK children’s book award to be voted for entirely by children. It is highly regarded by parents, teachers, librarians, publishers and children’s authors and illustrators as it truly represents the children’s choice.

Thanks to the support of the publishers, over 1,000 new books are donated to be read and reviewed by their testinggGroups across the country every year, with over 150,000 total votes being cast in the process. At the end of each testing year, nearly 12,000 books are donated to hospitals, women’s refuges, nurseries and disadvantaged schools by their groups.

There are two voting stages: Full testing and Top Ten testing. At the end of the calendar year the Top 50 are finalised and the shortlist Top Ten is chosen. The full testing involves the reading, reviewing and rating of over 1,100 books published each calendar year in the UK.  Twelve of the Federation Children’s Book Groups participate, managed nationally by the volunteer Children’s Book Award Co-ordinator.  The volunteer group coordinators take the books in to member schools, member families and to libraries within their communities for the children and young people to read, review and rate.

The Top Ten comprises 3 Categories:

  • Younger Children books - Picture books (4 titles)
  • Younger Reader books - Ages 6-11 (3 titles)
  • Older Reader books - Ages 10-18 (3 titles)

Any child or young person within the UK can vote in the Top Ten to choose the Category Winners and the Overall Winner. The Children's Book Award receives the highest number of votes of any national children’s book award in the UK, with nearly 150,000 votes cast each year. Only the children’s votes count. The focus of the Children’s Book Award is solely on reading for pleasure, providing children with the excitement and satisfaction that comes with becoming truly engrossed in reading. Participating in the award empowers children, helping them to develop their critical skills and their confidence.

Voting for the 2018 Children’s Book Award Top Ten starts on Monday 26th February 2018 and closes midday on Friday 18th May 2018. Make sure to visit their website to get your vote in. 

Find below the 2017 Winners and Shortlist for each category. 

Younger Children Winner

Book pages Placeholder Book

Oi Dog! by Kes Gray and Claire Gray & Jim Field

Frog's had enough, he's the changing the status quo! Cat insists that there are rules - only mules sit on stools, no one but hares should sit on chairs and however irritating, dogs MUST sit on frogs. 'Well, I'm changing the rules,' said the frog.'From now on, dogs sit on logs, not frogs!'And everyone else is going to have to sit somewhere else too. Will Cat want to sit on gnats instead of cushy mats? Will spiders like sitting on gliders? Will whales be happy to sit on nails? And, most importantly, where is FROG going to sit?

Hachette Children's Group


Younger Children Shortlist

Book pages Placeholder Book

Chicken Nugget by ​Michell Robinson & Tom McLaughlin​

My name is Nugget. Chicken Nugget. This is my family.I'm the smallest. And when you're the smallest, nobody ever listens. When Nugget's long-lost-cousin Franz turns up, all isn't quite as it seems. There's definitely something fishy - or foxy - about this chicken. This is Nugget's chance to save the day, because sometimes the bravest hero of all is just a little chicken.

Penguin Books Ltd

Book pages Placeholder Book

Grandad's Island by Benji Davies​

After the phenomenal success of The Storm Whale and On Sudden Hill, this new book by Benji Davies deals with the emotional topic of losing a grandparent. Subtly told, this beautifully illustrated book tackles a difficult subject with great sensitivity and depth.

Simon & Schuster Ltd

Book pages Placeholder Book

Gracie Grabbit and the Tiger by Helen Stephens​

Gracie Grabbit is going to the zoo with her dad, but she has one
problem - her dad's a cheeky robber! She needs to stop him spoiling
her day, but how? Luckily, a friendly tiger is on hand to help
out - with lots of fun and mix-ups along the way.



Younger Reader and Overall Winner

Book pages Placeholder Book

An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo​

The train is under attacks from German fighters. In the darkness, sheltering in a railway tunnel, the stranger in the carriage with Barney and his mother tells them a story to pass the time.And what a story. The story of a young man, a young soldier in the trenches of World War I who, on the spur of the moment, had done what he thought was the right thing. It turned out to have been the worst mistake he ever could have made - a mistake he must put right before it is too late...

HarperCollins Publisher


Younger Reader Shortlist

Book pages Placeholder Book

​The Accidental Pirates (Voyage to Magical North) by Claire Fayers​

Twelve-year-old Brine Seaborne is a girl with a past . . . if only she could remember what it is. Found alone in a rowboat as a child, clutching a shard of the rare starshell needed for spell-casting, she's spent every day since housekeeping for an irritable magician and his obnoxious apprentice, Peter.But everything changes when Brine and Peter accidentally break the magician's starshell and need to flee the island. 

Pan Macmillan

Book pages Placeholder Book

The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life by Mark Lowery & Hannah Shaw

A jam-fuelled week of disaster is set in motion by a single doughnut! Roman Garstang is obsessed with food - particularly Squidgy Splodge raspberry-jam doughnuts - but he is about to learn that things are not always as sugar-coated as they might seem. 

Templar Publishing, Bonnier 



Older Reader Winner

Book pages Placeholder Book

One by Sarah Crossan

Grace and Tippi don't like being stared and sneered at, but they're used to it. They're conjoined twins - united in blood and bone. What they want is to be looked at in turn, like they truly are two people. They want real friends. And what about love?

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


Older Reader Shortlist 

Book pages Placeholder Book

Car-Jacked by Ali Sparkes

Jack Mattingly is a genius. He has an IQ of 170. He speaks fluent Mandarin and Latin. And he can calculate the square root of 1,673,549 in his head. But when Jack's parents' car is hi-jacked, with him inside it, for once he's as clueless as the rest of us. 

Oxford University Press

Book pages Placeholder Book

Mistletoe and Murder: A Murder Most Unladylike Mystery ​ by Robin Stephens​

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are spending the Christmas hols in snowy Cambridge. Hazel has high hopes of its beautiful spires, cosy libraries and inviting tea-rooms - but there is danger lurking in the dark stairwells of ancient Maudlin College

Penguin Books Ltd


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