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Best New Children's Books May 2018

1st May 2018


We receive a lot of books at Toppsta and it's always our FAVOURITE part picking our favourites. We've hand picked these four titles for you and we're sure you're going to love them as much as we do.

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Rose Rivers

Bestselling and award-winning author Jacqueline Wilson has done it again in this brilliant story starring old friends and new, from the much-beloved Victorian world of Hetty Feather. Enter our giveaway to review this book and every winner will win a copy which includes a signed bookplate from Jacqueline herself!

Rose Rivers lives in a beautiful house with her artist father, her difficult, fragile mother and her many siblings. She has everything money can buy - beautiful dresses, horse-riding lessons, books - but she's not satisfied. 

When a young girl, Clover Moon, joins the household as a nursemaid to Rose's troubled sister Beth, Rose finds a true friend for the first time and she starts to learn more about the world outside. Will Rose finally achieve her dreams? And will she be able to help Clover find her own dream? 

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The House with Chicken Legs

Marinka dreams of a normal life, but her house has chicken legs and moves on without warning. For Marinka's grandmother is Baba Yaga, who guides spirits between this world and the next. Marinka longs to change her destiny and sets out to break free from her grandmother's footsteps, but her house has other ideas...

We were given early access to this brilliant debut and our reviewers loved it!

"This is a wonderful story about Marinka, who longs for a normal life yet is destined to follow in her grandmothers footsteps. Her grandmother is known as a Yaga and a guardian of the gate between this world and the next. This was a lovely story which we very much enjoyed reading." (Read by Syd1 age 10)

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Dennis and the Chamber of Mischief

Everyone's favourite mischievous boy is back in this full-length, epic, fiction title. Catch up with Dennis in this fun adventure by author and illustrator  with plenty of black and white illustrations and a series of interactive puzzles for YOU, the reader, to complete. 

Beanotown - for the first time in Dennis's life - has become boring. All Dennis's pranks are backfiring and he seems to have lost his awesomeness. Even his faithful hound, Gnasher, seems fed up with him these days. If only there was some way to bring the fun back to Beanotown...

Can YOU help Dennis solve the fiendish mystery and save Beanotown from eternal boringness?

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101 Fun Outdoor Activities for Children

In an era when the iPad is often more appealing than the park, it can be difficult to encourage kids to get off the couch and spend time outside. In this inspirational book, with ideas for children of all ages, there are over 100 imaginative ways for children to keep busy and have fun outdoors.

They can enjoy outdoor crafts such as making leaf art bunting, a dream catcher or their own toy raft, or get physical and burn off some energy with beach hopscotch, animal tracking, and by developing their hunting and gathering skills. Or perhaps they would like to relax and enjoy some star-gazing or pond-dipping instead. There are fun activities to help kids get up close and personal with nature by making a wormery and a bug attractor, doing some investigative ant experiments and putting on their own gastropod race! The book includes handy reference pics to help children identify plants, flowers and wildlife, so as well as enjoying the great outdoors, they can learn to understand and appreciate their surroundings too.


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