Yeonju Yang

Yeonju Yang

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31st March 1999


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22nd November 2016

This Clumsy Monster

Read the story of this clumsy monster as he gets into trouble for being unable to blend in, which turns out to be his be... MoreThis Clumsy Monster

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21st February 2017

Flat Zoo

Flat Zoo is a book about animals. The story compares the natural abilities of each animal and it celebrates our differen... MoreFlat Zoo

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15th November 2018

Helping Hen

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2nd May 2019

We all have feelings

Shortlisted for the book cover design award ABCD2020 - Children's 0-5 yrs This book can be read as a loosely connected ... MoreWe all have feelings

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29th April 2021

Rainbow Baby

Winner of the Wood Pencil Award for Children's Picture Books Design from D&AD, Baby’s crying! One by one each member o... MoreRainbow Baby

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6th April 2023

What Do Dogs Dream Of?

Dogs are our best fiends, and yet we can’t tell for sure what happens when they go to sleep, until now.With this book, n... MoreWhat Do Dogs Dream Of?

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22nd June 2023

Peg Book

This book is based around the idea of a pegboard, the sheet material used in workshops to hang tools.The story and simpl... MorePeg Book

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14th January 2015

Guess Who!

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  • The Adventures of 3 Bears

    The Adventures of 3 Bears

    This is a lovely item given to my daughter as a gift. It is not really a book though, more of an interactive story. It contains three animals - differ...

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