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Wang Yu Wei

  • 5 stars across 1 book
    Wang Yuwei is a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. She is passionate about the creation of picture books and brings art supplies with her when she is traveling because she always finds time to paint. Wang Yuwei's picture book First Snow claimed the top prize of the first Key Colours Competition China, organized by Clavis Publishing Company. She's also an ailurophile (a cat lover) and is the proud owner of a tabby cat named Coke.
    17th October 2019

    Mr. Cat and the little Girl

    "While he's out for a walk in the autumn woods, Mr. Cat discovers a wee, thumb-sized girl who brings love, light, and la... More

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    • Mr. Cat and the little Girl

      Mr. Cat and the little Girl

      Mr. Cat lives alone and is a prolific painter.  Winter has come early and he decides to take his painting materials outside and capture the beauty of...