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Toby Ibbotson

  • 5 stars across 2 books

    Toby Ibbotson is the eldest son of award-winningauthor Eva Ibbotson , whose novel The
    Abominables he edited with her first publisher, Marion Lloyd, following his mother's death.
    Mountwood School for Ghosts is his debut novel, from an original idea by Eva and planned out in
    detail by the two of them before her death. Containing all the warmth, humour and spark of
    Eva's novels for younger readers, which are being rereleased alongside this publication,
    Mountwood School for Ghosts marks out Toby as an exciting new storytelling talent in the children's
    book world. He lives in Sweden with his family and writes whenever he can.

    1st October 2014

    Mountwood School for Ghosts

    Fredegonda, Goneril, and Drusilla are Great Hagges, much more important and much rarer than regular old hags. They thi... More

    (2 reviews)
    6th June 2019

    The Unexpected Find

    Written by Toby Ibbotson, son of the bestselling author Eva Ibbotson, this exceptional middle grade story is capti... More

    (1 review)
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