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Tim Bugbird

  • 4 stars across 58 books
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    • The Fox Factor

      The Fox Factor

      by LittleJ

      This book is about Fabio Fox who dreams of being a famous singer.  His dream comes true when he gets a recording contract and he gets new friends.  Th...

    • Twirly Pearly

      Twirly Pearly

      by Brobee

      I like Twirly Pearly and recommend it for children who are about 6 or 7. Twirly Pearly does not like pretty dresses and chooses one that makes her twi...

    • Annie the Apple Pie Fairy: Fairy Story Books

      Annie the Apple Pie Fairy: Fairy Story Books

      by Mrs W

      My daughter was given this book as birthday present. It is a sugar sweet rhyming story that just goes on a bit too long. We've read it once, and it's...