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Steve Voake

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Steve Voake has always been fascinated by insects, but it wasn't until he was tracked and bitten by a horsefly that he got the idea for The Dreamwalker's Child and its sequel, The Web of Fire. In order to find the time to write, he used to get up at 3am and work through the night. After many happy years as headmaster of a primary school in Somerset, he finally hung up his mortar board to write full time. He is married with two children.
1st October 2009

Insect Detective

This book offers an exquisite glimpse into the strange and wonderful world of insects. Right now, all around you, thousa... MoreInsect Detective

(2 reviews) Review
1st March 2010

Hooey Higgins and the Shark

Like sharks? Like pants? Like to see a shark IN pants? Then Hooey Higgins is the series for you! Welcome to a l... MoreHooey Higgins and the Shark

(1 review) Review
2nd February 2012

Daisy Dawson on the Farm

It's a barnyard full of summer fun and mischief for Daisy and her animal friends in this fifth "Racing Reads" adventure.... MoreDaisy Dawson on the Farm

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3rd March 2011

Hooey Higgins and the Big Boat Race

Like boats? Like bouncing? Like to see a BOUNCING boat? Read this book and you ... might! You'll never guess what Hooey... MoreHooey Higgins and the Big Boat Race

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5th April 2012

Hooey Higgins Goes for Gold

Like cheese? Like champions? Like to see the Cheese of Champions? Read this book and you ... might! Want to see Twig ru... MoreHooey Higgins Goes for Gold

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1st January 2009

Daisy Dawson And The Big Freeze: Racing

It's icy cold and the farm is wrapped in snow when Boom takes Daisy to meet the newborn lambs and their trainee sheepdog... MoreDaisy Dawson And The Big Freeze: Racing

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5th May 2008

Daisy Dawson And The Secret Pool: Racing

Daisy Dawson has an amazing gift - she can understand everything that animals say! One day, Daisy and her friends are on... MoreDaisy Dawson And The Secret Pool: Racing

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6th September 2010

Hooey Higgins and the Tremendous Trousers

Like explosions? Like trousers? Like to see some exploding trousers? Read this book and you ... might! Like exp... MoreHooey Higgins and the Tremendous Trousers

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31st January 2014

Hooey Higgins and the Storm

Like flying? Like dogs? Like to see a FLYING DOG? Well, hurry on down to Shrimpton-on-Sea... Shrimpton-on-Sea is being ... MoreHooey Higgins and the Storm

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7th February 2011

Daisy Dawson at the Seaside

Daisy Dawson is on holiday at the seaside for her fourth animal adventure.We’re so happy by the sea / Hearing the crabs ... MoreDaisy Dawson at the Seaside

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