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Stephanie Stansbie

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Stephanie Stansbie has been a children's books editor for more years than she'd care to mention. She has written a number of picture books along the way, as well as a non-fiction gift book called Dinosaur. Stephanie adores editing for children. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, watching her boys at play (son and husband) and, when she has the energy, the occasional stint of capoeira. Roxanne is a freelance children's book illustrator who studied animation, fine arts, illustration, and design in Canada. After graduating, she worked in Montreal's gaming industry for four years before moving back to Ontario to pursue her dream of becoming an illustrator. She has worked on a variety of projects, from children's books to TV shows to learning apps. She lives in the country in Ontario and in her spare time enjoys biking, kayaking, and crafting.
3rd March 2022

This Girl Can Do Anything

Meet Ruby. Ruby can do ANYTHING. She knows what she wants, and NOTHING is going to stop her – not a rainy day, a hard-to... MoreThis Girl Can Do Anything

(15 reviews) Review
1st June 2014


A beautifully illustrated picture book that brings new life to the classic tale. Meet Cinderella, a young girl with a wi... MoreCinderella

(12 reviews) Review
11th May 2023

This Girl Can Be a Bit Shy

Meet Ruby. Some days she is brave, bouncy and chat-chat-chatty. Other days, she is not – and that’s OK! She knows what s... MoreThis Girl Can Be a Bit Shy

(8 reviews) Review
1st April 2021

Sometimes: A Book of Feelings

Your body’s full of feelings: like the tide, they ebb and flow. Sometimes they lift you high and sometimes they bring yo... MoreSometimes: A Book of Feelings

(7 reviews) Review
7th March 2011

The Noisy Noisy Farm

Wherever can Cockerel be? None of the animals have heard his cock-a-doodle-doo, and they've slept late. One by one they ... MoreThe Noisy Noisy Farm

(1 review) Review
8th September 2016

Santa's Magic Key

This gorgeous festive gift set contains a story book and special magic key from Santa himself. Simply hang the key on yo... MoreSanta's Magic Key

(1 review) Review
6th February 2020


Ever since she was a baby, poor Rapunzel has been locked in a tower by an old witch. But when a young prince clambers up... MoreRapunzel

(1 review) Review
14th March 2024

Magic Torch: Explore the Rainforest

Light up and explore the rainforest with Clara and her dog Sparks! This beautiful book is an informative, accessible a... MoreMagic Torch: Explore the Rainforest

(1 review) Review
18th June 2019


(1 review) Review
6th September 2010

What's That Noise, Little Mouse?

Little Mouse is tucked up in bed when suddenly he hears a strange sound. He tiptoes through the house to find out what i... MoreWhat's That Noise, Little Mouse?

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