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Sophie Corrigan

  • 5 stars across 4 books
    Sophie Corrigan is a freelance illustrator with a first-class Illustration degree from the University of Central Lancashire and has recently earned a Distinction for her Masters Degree in Children's Book Illustration. When she's not drawing, she spends her time going to shows, watching nature programmes, hanging out with her pet axolotls and cockatiels and occasionally making cute things from wool.
    15th March 2022

    Animal BFFs: Even Animals Have Best Friends!

    Learn that even animals have best friends in this follow-up to The Not Bad Animals. Someone that's always there ... More

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    7th March 2019

    Farm Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book

    A goat has pointy horns and a cow has a spotty coat. But what would happen if you mixed them together with a rooster's f... More

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    8th August 2019

    Wild Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book

    A chameleon has a long, sticky tongue and a tiger has bright orange fur. But what would happen if you mixed them togethe... More

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    7th April 2020

    The Not Bad Animals

    We all have a certain creature that makes our skin scrawl and give us the 'heebie jeebies'. Spiders that make us screa... More

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