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Shona Shirley MacDonald

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Shona Shirley MacDonald

  • 4 stars across 1 book
    Shona Shirley Macdonald is an artist based in Co. Waterford, though she is originally from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. She studied Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art, specialising in stop-motion animation, and after graduating she began her career as a freelance artist. Her illustration projects range from publications of poetry and fiction, to concept artwork for theatre and computer games. Shona illustrated the beautiful children's book The Moon Spun Round which was published in 2016.
    22nd October 2018

    The Pooka Party

    The Pooka is a magical shapeshifter who lives in the mountains all alone; fixing things, painting, dancing and singing... More

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    • The Pooka Party

      The Pooka Party

      A pooka is a shapeshifter from Irish mythology. Usually a mischievous trickster, it’s usually bad luck to meet a pooka, but they can bring good luck t...