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Sharon Gosling

Sharon Gosling

  • 5 stars across 14 books
Sharon Gosling always wanted to be a writer. She started as an entertainment journalist, writing about television series such as Stargate and Battlestar Galactica. Her first novel was published under a pen name in 2010. Sharon and her husband live in a very small cottage in a very remote village in the north of England, surrounded by sheep-dotted fells. The village has its own vampire, although Sharon hasn't met it yet. The cat might have, but he seems to have been sworn to secrecy and won't say a thing.
2nd April 2020

The House of Hidden Wonders

Zinnie and her sisters live in the murky tunnels beneath Edinburgh's Old Town. They keep out of the way of the authoriti... MoreThe House of Hidden Wonders

(18 reviews) Review
2nd May 2019

The Golden Butterfly

The Golden Butterfly danced in the air, beautiful and impossible, yet there before their eyes. Then the Magnificent Mark... MoreThe Golden Butterfly

(6 reviews) Review
7th July 2022

The Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott

Living among the flowers and ferns of Kew Gardens, Katy has always dreamed of more – of the sky and the stars and the se... MoreThe Extraordinary Voyage of Katy Willacott

(3 reviews) Review
14th February 2013

The Diamond Thief

No one performs on the circus trapeze like 16-year-old Remy Brunel. But Remy also leads another life, prowling through t... MoreThe Diamond Thief

(1 review) Review
20th August 2020

Captain Marvel: An Origin Story (Marvel Origins)

This is the story of Carol Danvers, a US Air Force officer who later became Captain Marvel.Carol Danvers has a big dream... MoreCaptain Marvel: An Origin Story (Marvel Origins)

(1 review) Review
6th August 2015

Shadow People: What are the strange beings that Alex can see?

Alex is an ordinary boy who keeps seeing weird things. They look like people only they're not really there. But someho... MoreShadow People: What are the strange beings that Alex can see?

(0 reviews) Review
3rd September 2015


Nonie's passion is fashion. Humanitarian Edie wants to save the world. And budding actress Jenny has j... MoreThreads

(0 reviews) Review
10th April 2014

The Ruby Airship

In this action-packed sequel to The Diamond Thief, trapeze-artist Remy has left the circus and her life as a jewel thief... MoreThe Ruby Airship

(0 reviews) Review
31st December 2015

Wolfblood: Wolves Among Us

The third thrilling WOLFBLOOD book - based on the smash-hit CBBC series! Their Wolfblood nature suspected, Maddy Smith... MoreWolfblood: Wolves Among Us

(0 reviews) Review
31st May 2014

Remy Brunel and the Circus House

Roll up roll up and see the greatest show on Earth Remy Brunel loves her life in the circus - riding elephants practis... MoreRemy Brunel and the Circus House

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