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Shahrukh Husain

  • 1 stars across 4 books
    Cath Senker has spent most of her life in Sussex, but has also lived in Israel for 3 years, doing community work with both Jews and Arabs. She speaks 5 foreign languages. She has worked in children's books for many years and her main interests are history, politics, travel and popular science. The consultant, Shahrukh Husain is a writer and consultant on Islam.
    9th January 2015

    Wise Fool

    The riotous adventures and misadventures of Mulla Nasruddin introduce a new generation to one of the most-loved characte... More

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    • Wise Fool

      Wise Fool

      It's possible that some of these stories lose something in translation but they weren't very engaging. Most pages have a separate story, some of them...

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