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Sarah Phillips

  • 4 stars across 30 books
    Sarah Phillips is the founder of Formerly the baking expert at iVillage, Phillips develops recipes for the bakeware company Chicago Metallic. Her recipes have been published in Prevention" magazine. She lives in New York. Since graduating from Brighton University Nadine Wickenden has worked as a full time illustrator on advertising, packaging, editorial commissions, and more recently in children's books. Her style incorporates traditional watercolor and mixed media collage. She lives in the UK.

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    • Pennie the Pinkest Polar Bear

      Pennie the Pinkest Polar Bear

      I have to say I took one look at the cover of this book and thought - oh no. Floss on the other hand took one look at this book and thought it was the...

    • Oliver's Winter Adventure

      Oliver's Winter Adventure

      This book has a textured, glittery cover. 
      It tells the story of a young bear called Oliver at wintertime. He wakes a little early from hibernation a...