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Sarah Dyer

Sarah Dyer

  • 4 stars across 13 books
Sarah Dyer lives in Kingston upon Thames, London. Her first book FIVE LITTLE FIENDS won a bronze Smarties Prize and sold in many languages around the world. This, her second book, is a brilliant and enchanting addition to the Bloomsbury list.
1st May 2015

The Book of Colours

This fantastic follow-up to The Book of Things is a colouring book with a difference. The wonderful world of the talente... MoreThe Book of Colours

(5 reviews) Review
8th July 2002

Five Little Fiends

Five little fiends live in their own little statues on top of a hill. Every day the five little fiends come out to marve... MoreFive Little Fiends

(3 reviews) Review
4th July 2005

Clementine and Mungo

Mungo adores his big sister Clementine and his big sister is very clever. She knows everything and Mungo relies on her f... MoreClementine and Mungo

(1 review) Review
3rd February 2011


Batty's efforts to impress visitors at the zoo fail, but he is determined to be popular like the other animals. First he... MoreBatty

(1 review) Review
11th August 2016

The Book of Opposites

This is an introductory book to opposites with a difference. The wonderful world of Sarah Dyer is laid out in organized ... MoreThe Book of Opposites

(1 review) Review
1st September 2011

Monster Day at Work

Little monster spends a day at work with his father. First he has to dress and choose which tie to wear. Then he must tr... MoreMonster Day at Work

(0 reviews) Review
1st June 2009

The Girl with the Bird's-nest Hair

No one really likes brushing their hair, but the girl in this delightfully anarchic tale finds out the hard way just wha... MoreThe Girl with the Bird's-nest Hair

(0 reviews) Review
1st April 2016

Book of Shapes

This is a first shapes book with a difference. The wonderful world of the talented Sarah Dyer is laid out in gorgeous or... MoreBook of Shapes

(0 reviews) Review
7th July 2011

Mrs Muffly's Monster

Mrs Muffly lives by herself in a house on top of a hill. She has always been a bit strange, but lately she has been acti... MoreMrs Muffly's Monster

(0 reviews) Review
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