Samuel Langley-Swain

Samuel Langley-Swain

  • 5 stars across 22 books
1st October 2018

The Christmas Next Door

A heart-warming rhyming story about the realities behind a typical family Christmas; reminding us how easy it is to get ... MoreThe Christmas Next Door

(5 reviews) Review
21st September 2021

Storm In A Jar

(5 reviews) Review
5th April 2022

What Makes a Lemur Listen?

‘Just like all ring-tailed lemurs, Maki liked to bathe in the sun and huddle under the moon. BUT one thing Maki DIDN’T l... MoreWhat Makes a Lemur Listen?

(4 reviews) Review
3rd November 2022

Where Bjorn Belongs

A heartfelt Christmas story of friendship and belonging, centered around the unbreakable bond between a boy and a bear, ... MoreWhere Bjorn Belongs

(2 reviews) Review
1st February 2018

Don't Look In This Book

This unusual rhyming journey through a world of dynamic story starters, was created in collaboration with twelve illustr... MoreDon't Look In This Book

(1 review) Review
15th October 2019

The Blanket Bears

An accessible, warm-hearted story, written by an adoptive parent, centred around two young bears who find themselves out... MoreThe Blanket Bears

(1 review) Review
17th November 2020

Dilwyn The Welsh Dragon

In the valleys of Wales, everyone at The Royal Mint is hard at work, making coins. But one night, a baby red dragon hatc... MoreDilwyn The Welsh Dragon

(1 review) Review
17th November 2020

The Tooth Fairy and the Magical Journey

Ollie and Grace lose their second tooth, place it under their pillow and lay a trap to catch a tooth fairy. Imagine the... MoreThe Tooth Fairy and the Magical Journey

(1 review) Review
11th September 2017

Santa's Wish

Christmas is the perfect time to really inject a little magic and optimism in to the world. Santa's Wish follows a struc... MoreSanta's Wish

(0 reviews) Review
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  • The Blanket Bears

    The Blanket Bears

    by Jrh

    The Blanket Bears is a heartwarming story about a couple of bears who start off alone, cold and neglected in the snow and end up finding the perfect f...

  • Where Bjorn Belongs

    Where Bjorn Belongs

    Where Bjorn Belongs by Samuel Langley-Swain, illustrated by Mima Imamovic

    “Do you think if I lost my Tigger and asked Santa to help me find it, I’d...

  • Where Bjorn Belongs

    Where Bjorn Belongs

    This is an absolutely gorgeous Christmas story about friendship and belonging. We loved it!

    In the story Arthur accidentally loses his favourite po...