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Rowboat Watkins

Rowboat Watkins

  • 4 stars across 5 books
Rowboat Watkins is a dad who likes to tell stories and draw. Nobody knows why his wife started calling him Rowboat. He was a fellow of Maurice Sendak's and lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York.
24th March 2020


A lovely and laugh-out-loud picture book from the award-winning author of Rude Cakes and Most Marshmallows . ... MoreMabel

(11 reviews) Review
30th April 2019

Most Marshmallows

Most marshmallows are born into marshmallow families, play with marshmallow friends, and go to marshmallow school where ... MoreMost Marshmallows

(1 review) Review
2nd June 2015

Rude Cakes

Who knew that cakes were so rude?! In this deliciously entertaining book, a not-so-sweet cake-who never says please or t... MoreRude Cakes

(0 reviews) Review
2nd May 2017

Pete With No Pants

Meet Pete. Pete is gray. He's round. And he's not wearing any pants. So Pete must be a boulder. Or is he a pigeon?... MorePete With No Pants

(0 reviews) Review
6th April 2018

Big Bunny

Once upon a time there was a book about . . . MONSTERS! No. SPACE ALIENS? Nope . . . a BUNNY! A GIANT SCARY TRUCK... MoreBig Bunny

(0 reviews) Review
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