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Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger

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Robert Greenberger began his career at Starlog Press. He then joined DC Comics as an assistant editor, and eventually became Manager of Editorial Operations. In 2000, Bob became a Producer at Gist Communications, but then returned to comics in 2001 as Marvel's Director of Publishing Operations. In 2002, he went back to DC Comics as a Senior Editor in its collected editions department. Bob joined Weekly World News as Managing Editor until its end in 2007. Since then, he has been a fulltime freelance writer and editor. Bob has written numerous Star Trek novels and many short works of fiction, including last year's The Essential Batman Encyclopedia, and his new book Batman Vault will be published in the near future. Bob lives in Fairfield, Connecticut with his wife Deb and their dog Dixie.
5th June 2014

Batman 3 Stories in 1, Volume 1

This colourful, action-packed chapter book contains 3 great Batman adventures: Arctic Attack, Catwoman's Halloween Heist... MoreBatman 3 Stories in 1, Volume 1

(1 review) Review
1st September 2010

Robin's First Flight

High school student Tim Drake is tired of being a hero in training. He's ready to become the full-time sidekick of Batma... MoreRobin's First Flight

(0 reviews) Review
6th May 1995

Romulan Stratagem

A further paperback novel from the series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. On a mission to an unexplored planet near the ... MoreRomulan Stratagem

(0 reviews) Review
15th March 2010

DC Super Heroes: Batman: Pack B of 6

Batman, The Dark Knight, prowls the shadowy streets of Gotham City with his partner Robin, The boy Wonder, putting fear ... MoreDC Super Heroes: Batman: Pack B of 6

(0 reviews) Review
10th September 2010

Batman Pack C of 3

DC Super Heroes readers feature the world's greatest superheroes. Batman, the Dark Knight, prowls the shadowy streets of... MoreBatman Pack C of 3

(0 reviews) Review
9th October 2014

Robin's First Flight

Tim Drake feels ready to take on the world as Robin, Batman's trusty sidekick. But the Dark Knight has one more test for... MoreRobin's First Flight

(0 reviews) Review
29th May 2010

Captain Midnight Chronicles

Born in the blazing crucible of war, but sworn to fight for peace, the mysterious obsidian aviator known only by the cod... MoreCaptain Midnight Chronicles

(0 reviews) Review
20th August 2009

Arctic Attack

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