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Phyllis Krasilovsky

Phyllis Krasilovsky

  • 4 stars across 3 books
Phyllis Krasilovsky has written many much-loved storybooks for children. Her titles include 'The Cow Who Fell in the Canal', 'The Very Little Girl', 'Man Who Didn't Wash his Dishes' and 'Shy Little Girl'.
2nd August 2004

The Cow Who Fell in the Canal

Hendrika the cow longs to visit the city and see for herself the city she had heard so much about. One day her wish co... MoreThe Cow Who Fell in the Canal

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5th January 2003

Benny's Flag

Benny was an Aleut Indian boy living in an Alaskan mission home before Alaska became a state. One day his teacher told t... MoreBenny's Flag

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