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Philip Caveney

  • 5 stars across 20 books
    Philip Caveney is a copywriter from Manchester. He has had several adult thrillers published in the past but has now turned his hand successfully to children's books. He lives with is wife and 11 year old daughter.
    31st August 2015

    Alec Devlin: The Eye of the Serpent

    Egypt 1923. Fifteen-year-old Alec Devlin is on his way to the Valley of the Kings. Accompanied by his faithful vale... More

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    30th March 2016

    Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates

    Sebastian, Max and Cornelius are ready for another adventure and heading to the bustling port of Ramalat. Once there t... More

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    5th May 2011

    Night on Terror Island

    Kip's dad owns an old-fashioned cinema, the Paramount. Struggling to survive in an age when multiplexes rule the world, ... More

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    4th February 2010

    Sebastian Darke: Prince of Explorers

    Deep in the remote heart of the jungles of Mendip, Sebastian, Max and Cornelius are in search of a legendary lost city. ... More

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    3rd May 2012

    Spy Another Day

    After the thrills and spills of his adventure on Terror Island, Kip is reluctant to allow Mr Lazarus to send him into an... More

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    2nd December 2010

    A Buffalope's Tale

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    6th August 2009

    Alec Devlin: Empire of the Skull

    Mexico, 1924. At his father's hacienda, restlessly waiting for adventurer Ethan to arrive, sixteen-year-old Alec and hi... More

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    7th February 2008

    Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools

    Sebastian Darke has the world on his narrow shoulders. The son of a human father and an elvish mother, he is deperately ... More

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    2nd May 2013

    Space Blasters

    The mysterious Mr Lazarus has helped Kip and his father completely change the fortunes of the small local cinema they ow... More

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