Nicki Greenberg

Nicki Greenberg

  • 5 stars across 17 books
Nicki Greenberg has had a lifelong fascination with strange creatures, especially the ones with goggly eyes.Like the octopus, Nicki is adept at camouflage. She can often be found disguised as a lawyer, but on her days off she writes and illustrates comics. Favourite subjects include zombies, New York City, pirates, gentle monsters and, of course, squids.Researching cephalopods has not put Nicki off her favourite dish: crispy fried salt-and-pepper squid.
28th September 2013

The Naughtiest Reindeer

Rudolf the reindeer was lying in bed with a runny red nose and an ache in his head. 'I'm sorry,' he groaned. 'I just can... MoreThe Naughtiest Reindeer

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1st December 2010

Monkey Red Monkey Blue

Everybody has gone to bed . but not Monkey Blue and not Monkey Red. They decide to have a WILD midnight feast instead!Ho... MoreMonkey Red Monkey Blue

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1st May 2005

It's True! Squids Suck (13)

Have you ever opened a coconut and found an octopus inside? Ever beenhypnotised by a cuttlefish or squirted by a squid?D... MoreIt's True! Squids Suck (13)

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22nd April 2015

Teddy Took the Train

Dot loves Teddy, and Teddy loves Dot. So when Teddy goes missing, she misses him a lot!But Teddy is a brave bear. What w... MoreTeddy Took the Train

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1st June 2016

My Dog Dash

Dash is badly behaved at puppy school, he chews things that he shouldn't, he makes puddles on the floor, he wrecks the g... MoreMy Dog Dash

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1st December 2011

Bom! Went the Bear

BOM! went the bear on the big bass drum. Ting-ting-a-ting-ting-a Strum strum strum..Bear loves to play his big bass dr... MoreBom! Went the Bear

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1st November 2016

The Naughtiest Reindeer at the Zoo

'I miss Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen! Oh, Comet! Oh, Cupid! Oh, Donner and Blitzen! And big brother Rudolph! ... MoreThe Naughtiest Reindeer at the Zoo

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2nd November 2017

The Naughtiest Reindeer Goes South

Ruby the excitable reindeer is determined to have another calamitous Christmas! This time at the South Pole - with pengu... MoreThe Naughtiest Reindeer Goes South

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1st October 2010

Hamlet: William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Staged on the Page

The play's the thing Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king!Denmark is in turmoil. The palace is seething with tr... MoreHamlet: William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Staged on the Page

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8th March 2018

The Cursed First Term of Zelda Stitch. Bad Teacher. Worse Witch

'Zelda rides a broomstick!` `Zelda's got a bat-friend!` 'Zelda smells like toadstools!` 'Witch! Witch! Witch!` 'It was b... MoreThe Cursed First Term of Zelda Stitch. Bad Teacher. Worse Witch

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  • The Naughtiest Reindeer

    The Naughtiest Reindeer

    I found this a really good picture book when I was younger. It was my favourite Christmas book. It is a brilliant book for learning all Santa's reinde...