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Nick Lake

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Nick Lake is 29 years old and a children's book editor at HarperCollins.  He lives in London with his English teacher wife, Hannah.  This is his first novel.
22nd June 2023

The House With a Dragon in it

An adventure to treasure from two multi award-winning creators, discover a classic story of family, friendship and belie... MoreThe House With a Dragon in it

(6 reviews) Review
10th January 2019

Nowhere on Earth

'Action and excitement and deep emotion. Gorgeous.' Cecelia AhernIt starts with a plane crash. There are survivors: a te... MoreNowhere on Earth

(5 reviews) Review
30th September 2021

Locked Out Lily

A startlingly original, stunningly-illustrated modern classic about learning to face your fears from the multi award-win... MoreLocked Out Lily

(3 reviews) Review
1st January 2015

There Will Be Lies

Shelby Jane Cooper is seventeen, pretty and quiet. It's just Shelby and her mom, Shaylene, a court stenographer who wear... MoreThere Will Be Lies

(2 reviews) Review
1st April 2010

Blood Ninja

Taro is a boy from a coastal village in rural Japan, fated to become a fisherman like his father. But in just one night,... MoreBlood Ninja

(2 reviews) Review
5th May 2016

Whisper to Me

'I love you. I'm sorry for what I did to you. I'm going to write it all down, explain everything that happened, why I br... MoreWhisper to Me

(1 review) Review
2nd March 2009

The Secret Ministry of Frost

Ahalf-Inuit albino and heir to a huge Northern Irish manor, Light has never exactly blended in. Since her father's myste... MoreThe Secret Ministry of Frost

(0 reviews) Review
2nd January 2014

Hostage Three

It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing: a girl on a yacht with her super-rich banker father; a chance for the family to heal af... MoreHostage Three

(0 reviews) Review
17th November 2017


(0 reviews) Review
3rd January 2013

In Darkness

WINNER of the 2013 Printz Award. In darkness, I count my blessings like Manman taught me. One: I am alive. Two: there ... MoreIn Darkness

(0 reviews) Review
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  • The House With a Dragon in it

    The House With a Dragon in it

    by Hgirl8

    I really love fantasy books so this was a good fit for me. Plus it's asks the question that we all ask each other: What 3 things would you wish for? W...

  • There Will Be Lies

    There Will Be Lies

    by Mr.K

    Even by Lake's crazy handbrake turn standards this is a really twisty plot that you simply cannot trust for any amount of time. Engaging and immersive...

  • The House With a Dragon in it

    The House With a Dragon in it

    by Jamee

    Summer is an orphan, and she is fed up with being twisted around from family to family. One day, a huge hole opens up in her new family's living room...

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