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Neill Cameron

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Born and raised in Oxford, Neill Cameron has been drawing comics pretty much since he could hold a pencil. For several years Neill was active in the UK small press and independent comics scene. In 2006 Neill's work on the all-ages action adventure strip Bulldog: Empire was featured in the first Mammoth Book of Best New Manga, his own self-published webcomic Thumpculture was shortlisted for an IMAF (International Manga and Anime Festival) award, and he took the jump into working full-time as a freelance writer and artist.
5th August 2021

Mega Robo Bros 1: Power Up

BROTHERS. ROBOTS. SUPERHEROES. ALEX AND FREDDY are two normal bickering brothers - who also happen to be SUPER-POWERED ... MoreMega Robo Bros 1: Power Up

(4 reviews) Review
2nd June 2016

Mega Robo Bros

London! The Future! Alex and Freddy are just like any other brothers. They squabble. They drive their parents crazy. The... MoreMega Robo Bros

(3 reviews) Review
7th January 2021

Freddy vs School

Okay humans, listen up! My name is FREDDY. I live with my Mum and Dad. I go to school. Oh yeah, the MAIN thing: I am a... MoreFreddy vs School

(3 reviews) Review
5th October 2017

Mega Robo Bros 2: Mega Robo Rumble

Alex and Freddy are brothers. Robot brothers! When duty calls, they're agents of R.A.I.D., an elite government unit that... MoreMega Robo Bros 2: Mega Robo Rumble

(2 reviews) Review
3rd January 2019

Mega Robo Bros 3: Mega Robo Revenge

Alex and Freddy are brothers . . . robot brothers! And they bicker and squabble just like any other siblings. But that... MoreMega Robo Bros 3: Mega Robo Revenge

(2 reviews) Review
1st July 2021

Freddy and the New Kid

Hey! I'm FREDDY. And I'm a super-powered ROBOT! There's a new kid at school. She's called AOIFE and she's SUPER annoyin... MoreFreddy and the New Kid

(2 reviews) Review
3rd March 2022

Mega Robo Bros 3: Robot Revenge

Previously published as Mega Robo Revenge but now reformatted in a longer, chunkier package with brand new content, Robo... MoreMega Robo Bros 3: Robot Revenge

(2 reviews) Review
7th August 2014

How to Make Awesome Comics

Learn how to have AWESOME ideas, every time! Learn how to turn your ideas into AMAZING STORIES! And make your stories ... MoreHow to Make Awesome Comics

(1 review) Review
4th February 2016

Tamsin and the Deep

Tamsin knew that she shouldn't have gone into the water. After wiping out on her board, she is dragged down, into the de... MoreTamsin and the Deep

(1 review) Review
4th January 2018

Tamsin and the Dark

Tamsin Thomas is the Last Pellar, destined to keep humanity safe from magical forces. When Tamsin's class visits a disus... MoreTamsin and the Dark

(1 review) Review
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    Mega Robo Bros 1: Power Up

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