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Neil Griffiths

  • 5 stars across 69 books
    Sally Featherstone has a wealth of experience as a teacher, head teacher and a local authority adviser and inspector. In recent years, alongside her activities in publishing, Sally has continued to build a national reputation as a trainer and consultant in the Primary and Early Years field.

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    • Where Have You Two Been?

      Where Have You Two Been?

      by ShellyG

      This story is a bit of a twist on the Hare and the Tortoise! Two friends race and one is super-confident but who will win?

      We liked the pictures, e...

    • Don't Invite Dinosaurs to Dinner

      Don't Invite Dinosaurs to Dinner

      Nice bright colourful story about what you should not invite animals to do with you. My little boy found it very funny....

    • The Dog with No Name!

      The Dog with No Name!

      There just isn't any words other than ... I loved it! It is funny and exciting. It never calms down, there is always some action in the book like chao...

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