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Natalie Jade Hutchinson

  • 4 stars across 1 book

     Natalie Hutchinson is a manifestation and mindset coach with a passion for helping others to achieve their wildest dreams. Natalie decided to put manifestation to the ultimate test and left the NHS where she worked as a Community Nursing Sister to set out on a new career path. Her ultimate dream was to build her own business. She is now the founder of 'Manifesting Minnie' which she started from a caravan in 2021. 'Manifesting Minnie' provides high-quality, ethically sourced crystals, crystal jewellery and manifestation products to people all over the world.
     Since then, Natalie has been teaching the life-changing benefits of utilising a positive mindset to thousands of people through her social media platforms and podcast 'Dream More, Become More.' She also runs her own book club, focused on a new self-development book each month.


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