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Michael Ford

Michael Ford

  • 5 stars across 13 books
Michael Ford read English and Classics at Oxford University, before a stint teaching English in Greece. He worked in children's non-fiction publishing for several years before becoming an editor of adult fiction in West London. Spartan is his first children's novel.
2nd January 2020

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin: air-raid warden, scientist, pioneer. Uncover fascinating facts about the extraordinary life... MoreRosalind Franklin

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1st March 2004

Avoid Entering the Greek Olympics

The humorous cartoon-style illustrations and the narrative approach encourage readers to get emotionally involved with t... MoreAvoid Entering the Greek Olympics

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19th March 2015

You Wouldn't Want To Be In The Ancient Greek Olympics!

You are a young boy in the city-state of Athens at the height of the Ancient Greek civilisation. Following several years... MoreYou Wouldn't Want To Be In The Ancient Greek Olympics!

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5th January 2009

Legacy of Blood: Spartan 3

After victory against the Persians, Lysander and the other young warriors from the Spartan barracks are in desperate nee... MoreLegacy of Blood: Spartan 3

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2nd August 2010

The Poisoned House

Abigail is a maidservant in Greave Hall, an elegant London household governed by the tyrannical housekeeper, Mrs Cotton.... MoreThe Poisoned House

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7th January 2008

The Fire of Ares: Spartan 1

Lysander is a slave in ancient Sparta, a Helot, but a chance meeting reveals his noble heritage and he is permitted to b... MoreThe Fire of Ares: Spartan 1

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25th March 2013

Heroes, Gods & Monsters Of Ancient Greek Mythology

Heroes, Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greek Mythology is a collection of classic archetypal Ancient Greek myths, includin... MoreHeroes, Gods & Monsters Of Ancient Greek Mythology

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2nd June 2008

Birth of a Warrior: Spartan 2

Lysander had to leave his roots as a Helot slave far behind him, when he discovered his true identity as the descendant ... MoreBirth of a Warrior: Spartan 2

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