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Meg McLaren

  • 5 stars across 6 books
Meg graduated from the prestigious MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. Printmaker, illustrator and unapologetic Hercule Poirot aficionado, she now lives in Inverness (where she is trying to rebuild her natural Scots' resolve against the cold) with her other half Jon and their impressive Lego collection.
16th February 2023

Wee Unicorn

Far away in the north, at the edge of the Ancient Forest, lives a little unicorn. Wee Unicorn is very small, and she's v... MoreWee Unicorn

(13 reviews) Review
3rd June 2021


Dot isn't like the other dogs: she doesn't like going out for walks, and she doesn't like going to the park. Her favouri... MorePeep!

(10 reviews) Review
6th June 2019

The Station Mouse

Maurice is the Station Mouse, and so he must follow The Station Mouse Handbook: Rule 1: A Station Mouse must remain unse... MoreThe Station Mouse

(4 reviews) Review
3rd March 2016

Life is Magic

Magician Monsieur Lapin is auditioning assistants and Houdini the rabbit is the obvious choice - he loves magic and know... MoreLife is Magic

(3 reviews) Review
2nd March 2017

Pigeon P.I.

Pigeon private investigator Murray just wants to take things easy, but when kind-hearted Vee starts to sing like a canar... MorePigeon P.I.

(3 reviews) Review
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  • Wee Unicorn

    Wee Unicorn

    We have a huge unicorn fan in our house so this book went down a treat! A sweet little story of a unicorn who feels like she doesn’t fit in and goes o...

  • Wee Unicorn

    Wee Unicorn

    Wee unicorn is little, loud and not magical. She’s not what everyone expects and she just doesn’t fit in. When she meets a monster in the loch, she ru...

  • Wee Unicorn

    Wee Unicorn

    Great children's book, easy to read and good to read with all ages. Absolutely amazing idea that comes to fruition through gorgeous illustrations, det...