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Lysa Mullady

  • 5 stars across 2 books
    Lysa Mullady is the author of Bye Bye, Pesky Fly, which was her first book. She is an elementary school counselor who is known for her engaging, enthusiastic, and creative counseling style. Lysa's passion is to teach her students to be problem solvers by talking it out and thinking good things. She lives on Long Island, New York.
    6th August 2019

    Red Yellow Blue

    Red loves being red! Apples, wagons, fire trucks - he thinks all the best things are red! Yellow admires Red's roses, bu... More

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    5th March 2019

    Three Little Birds

    Blue's feelings are hurt when he's not invited to find worms with Red and Yellow. So Blue impulsively starts a rumor. Be... More

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    • Red Yellow Blue

      Red Yellow Blue

      Red is very busy absorbed with red things in his red-focused world.  He is responsible for red apples,  red wagons,  red firetrucks etc. He is very pr...